Types of Cavity Wall Insulation


There are three types of cavity wall insulation materials used in the UK. The most popular and widely used is mineral wool insulation, commonly known as rockwool, with versions available from various manufacturers including white wool and yellow wool.


Polystyrene beads which are bonded together with an adhesive to prevent them escaping during home improvements, for example when windows and doors are removed, exposing the insulation material within the cavity. Bead cavity wall insulation is commonly used in hard to treat homes.

  Grants for Cavity Wall Insulation

The third type of insulation use in cavity walls is foam - either polyurethane  or urea formaldehyde foam insulation, although this is much less commonly used than either mineral wool or polystyrene beads.


Each type of insulation is injected through small holes drilled through the outer brickwork of the house. More information on the installation procedure can be found in our "How is cavity wall insulation installed?" guide.


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Rockwool Cavity Wall Insulation

Mineral wool insulation such as rockwool is the most commonly used type of insulation for domestic properties. It is manufactured from an igneous rock which is heated and spun to produce a fibre material. This is blown into the cavity, filling the gap between the inner and outer walls of the building completely.


The material does not absorb water and does not allow any rain driven moisture which gets through the outer leaf of the wall to reach the inner leaf of the building. It can be used in brick-brick or brick-block constructions. A minimum cavity width of 50mm is required for this material to be installed.


Installations of mineral wool material are quality assured by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) through regular inspections of  installers work. They are also backed by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) which guarantees the work for 25 years, though the product is designed to last for the lifetime of the building.


Manufacturers of this type of insulation include Rockwool, Knauf Insulation and Instafibre.

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Polystyrene Bead Cavity Wall Insulation

Expanded polystyrene beads (EPS beads) are also used as cavity wall insulation. These are pumped into the wall cavity, mixed with an adhesive which bonds the beads together to prevent them spilling out of the wall. This type of insulation can be used in narrower cavities than mineral wool insulation and can also be used in some stone built properties.

As with mineral wool, installations with EPS beads are carried out in accordance with BBA regulations and they are backed by the 25 year CIGA guarantee.
Manufacturers of this type of insulation Instafibre and Baring Insulation.
For information on the cost of cavity wall insulation and to find an installer in your area please see our directory of home insulation installers or contact us on 0845 467 2247 or email walls@insulation-installers.co.uk to arrange a free survey and quotation..

Foam Cavity Wall Insulation

Expanding foam insulation is used as a cavity wall insulation material. It has advantages in terms of the size of holes required to be drilled into the mortar joints of the brickwork - as small as 8mm. This makes it ideal for walls with narrow or recessed mortar joints such as engineered bricks which would be damaged by the larger holes needed for alternative forms of insulation.

Foam can also be injected into narrow cavity walls. It is commonly used in random stone house walls and to fill the narrow cavity left in modern houses which have insulation sheets built in to their walls during construction.

Installers of foam cavity wall insulation can be difficult to find but please contact us on 0845 467 2247 and ask for a quotation for foam insulation or email your details to foam@insulation-installers.co.uk and we will arrange a free survey for you.


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